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Melinda Kizer is the founder of JCK Resources, a 501c3 Nonprofit program that reflects her dream of providing quality transition education to adults 18 and over.
JCK Resources represents an alliance of her personal and professional worlds. Melinda's oldest son, J.C. Kizer, participated in local school district transition education until his passing at age 19. She was able to see firsthand the difference quality transition programming made in his life. It is her desire that all students, regardless of financial situation, have the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to reach their potential.

Melinda received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Baylor University and a Master of Education from Sam Houston State University. Professionally, Melinda has a varied public education experience that includes roles in general and special education. She has taught in both elementary and secondary settings, with 6 years spent in transition education. After completing course work through the University of North Texas Workplace Inclusion and Sustainable Employment (UNTWISE), she earned certifications in Job Skills Training, Job Placement Specialist, and Director. After completing 32 years in public education, she began JCK Resources.

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